Journal of Financial Analysis

Volume 2 , issue 1, year 2018-2019

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Financing mechanisms of higher education, Case study universities in Germany 
Mahdi Mehdi * ,Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Davarani,Morteza Firuzabadi   Pages ۲-۱۰
 Abstract Full Text    [PDF ]
Budgetary Analysis of Selected Iranian Universities during 2014-2016 
Nafiseh Rajabzadeh *   Pages ۱۱-۲۶
 Full Text    [PDF]


Methods of Attracting Financial Resources in Schools by Successful Managers
Ismail DrisJomeh, Sakineh Shahi *, Ahmad Saeedi   Pages ۲۷-۴۴

 Full Text    [PDF]
Problems of Fundamental Reform Document of Education (FRDE) in the Education System in Iran , A Meta-Analysis  
Tectam Nemati *,Ali Ghaffarian Panahi   Pages ۴۵-۵۶ Full Text    [PDF]
A Comparative Study of Great Experiences in Financing And Financial Resources in Universities And Higher Education Institutions (A Case Study: Singapore National University & Australian National University) 
Fatemeh Nasrallahi Nia *   Pages ۵۷-۶۸
 Full Text    [PDF]
Reflective Indices On The Organizational Ranks In The Top Universities In Iran: 20 Best Universities between 2015 to 2016 based on ISC Ranking System 
Nahid Kiaie Taleghani , Hasanreza Zeinabad *   Pages ۶۹-۸۶
 Full Text    [PDF]
The Analysis Of The Trend Of Financial Indexes In The Best Universities In Iran (During 1983 To 2016) 
Mahdieh Farazkish , Gholam Ali Montazer *   Pages ۸۷-۸۸
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